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What Is Functional Medicine?

Arizona and Illinois Functional Medicine

, Virtual in Arizona and Illinois Functional medicineYour health is your most precious asset, and we work hard to help our patients in Arizona and Illinois regain and maintain their health through functional medicine.

While traditional medicine focuses on treating the symptoms of chronic conditions, functional medicine means taking a bigger-picture approach. It involves looking at the patient’s life in its entirety in order to figure out what factors are negatively impacting them the most, thereby deciding how to deal with them in an effort to obtain better health. It may be genes and hormones causing their issues, their behaviors and lifestyle choices, or even their environment. Sometimes, it is a combination of all three.

Put simply, functional medicine is a patient-centered approach to treatment, rather than being disease or condition-centered. Essentially, it requires creating a treatment plan designed to attack health issues at the source(s) specific to the individual, which offers the best chance of creating a permanent health solution.

Conditions We Treat in Arizona and Illinois

Richart Functional Medicine has worked with many patients over the years. Functional medicine can help with conditions that are chronic in nature, which means that they are generally issues that are long-term and likely impact almost every aspect of a person’s life.

Here are just some of the conditions Richart Functional Medicine has had success in treating:

With functional medicine care by Richart Functional Medicine, chronic conditions can often be caught in their early stages, thereby increasing the likelihood of either reversing their effects or, minimally, stopping them from progressing. This means better health in the long run, potentially increasing a person’s quality of life dramatically.

If you're ready to try a natural solution to your chronic health issues Richart Functional Medicine is serving Arizona and Illinois to help. Give our office a call today at (520) 839-8001 to make an appointment.