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From Functional Medicine Patients

"I initially visited Dr. Richert last Spring out of curiosity. I don't have any serious health complaints. Since going, I have lost 20 lb., and I feel like I have more energy. I got the needed momentum also to make changes to my diet and begin looking into mindfulness practices. The cost of the program is substantial, but he was very upfront about it, and I would encourage others to go for it.

Here is what to expect, if you are on the fence about doing this. He had me fill out a lengthy questionnaire about all aspects of my physical and mental health, my complaints and goals, then followed up in a lengthy interview. He prescribed at-home clinical tests of my stress hormones, my gut and my other hormones. Based on all of this information he prescribed various rounds of supplements to shore up those systems. The effects of these supplements are subtle, but real and accumulate with time. - Christensen. K

"Dr Richart has completely changed my daughter’s life! We cannot say enough about him and how much he cares for us and our wellbeing. He has truly been a blessing and I highly recommend seeing him." - Nikki. C

"Dr. Richart has been a god-send to me - after five years of self-neglect, I began seeing him for Functional Medicine, and it's been life-changing. His kind, compassionate care and demeanor is so healing! I feel so fortunate to have him on my side." - Jayme. G

"Dr. Richart has been my chiropractor for several years. I recently did functional medicine with Dr. Richart because as I'm aging I wanted to stay in good health. After testing I was surprised to find my body needed a little tweaking. After just a couple of weeks I'm no longer tired at 3 o'clock in the afternoon my day now starts earlier and I find I'm up later. I wake up refreshed every morning and sleep throughout the night. I'm so impressed with Dr. Richart and his knowledge of the human body. Thank you Dr. Richart for keeping well." - Lorene. L

"I have been a patient for 11 years. Dr Richart has made my life worth living. My overall experience has been great. He has helped me in every way spirit, soul and body not only me but my family also. Last year I had complications from adrenaline administered during skin cancer surgery. Today I am healthy because he treated me properly. Also from the surgery my neck was misaligned and I needed it corrected. I was so bad it was necessary for him to see me as an emergency patient outside of his usual office hours. I am eternally grateful for his kindness and generosity." - Roberta. K

From Chiropractic Patients

"There is no better partner I've found for chiropractic and functional medicine. Dr. Richart and his team are professional, educated, and a joy to be around. My health and overall well-being has improved dramatically since I became a patient. I would recommend Dr. Richart to anyone and everyone." - Molly. S

"I am very grateful to Dr. Richart. I first went to him over 5 years ago with neck pain I blamed on a long flight in a chilly airplane cabin, during which I twisted to look out the window the entire time. By the next morning I couldn’t turn my head and was walking like a statue. Over the next week, nothing helped, and I knew I needed to try something new. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was amazed that the severe pain quieted after just a few sessions and all remnants soon went away completely. After that first time, Dr. Richart helped heal at least 2 different back injuries. I used to stop going to him once I felt better, but then I decided to stay on as a “maintenance” patient. Other than during the early phases of COVID, when he was only seeing patients in acute pain, I’ve been going for a treatment on his machine every 3, now every 4 weeks. It’s made a difference. Recently, I thanked Dr. Richart for all his help, because I realized that I feel healthier and more energetic than 5 years ago. He’s helped with foot twists and wrist sprains, and the maintenance visits allowed him to address a nagging chronic hip/lower back issue that I was just living with. It’s gone, and now coupled with a terrific pair of walking sneakers, my dog and I have long, pain-free walks. I used to be miserable after a half a block. It’s also always a pleasure, whether by phone or in person, to deal with Nori Richart, who runs the office and all aspects of insurance coverage. She keeps track of everything. I’m in good hands when I’m there." - Arlene. B

"This is the best medical practice I've been to. I have been helped by Dr. Richart for numerous back, hip and foot problems and he has been extremely patient, caring and thoughtful while treating me. I wish all doctor's offices were run as smoothly as this office is. Dr. Richart does a great job for all his patients and I highly recommend him." - M. M

"I have been a patient of Dr. Richart for 6 years. During that time he and his staff have treated me for a variety of injuries I have suffered and they have done a fantastic job. The most serious injuries have been a torn ligament in my left elbow and a torn tendon in my right elbow. In both occasions Dr. Richart assured me I did not need surgery and that the injuries could be treated by a variety of modalities he offers including Graston therapy, cold laser therapy, and ultrasound. The torn ligament fully healed in 6 months. I’m still being treated for the torn tendon but it should be fully healed in the next 1-2 months. I am fully confident in Dr.Richart and I highly recommend him." - Bill. R

"If you are in need of chiropractic services Dr.Richart is the person you need to see. If you are experiencing chiropractic issues his knowledge and innovative techniques/ equipment will enable you to get back to where you need to be physically. Office personnel really care about your health concerns. They go out of their way to make sure you see Dr.Richart as quickly possible in order for him to address your concerns. New location in Northfield on Frontage Road, 2 Northfield Plaza,#204. Easy to get to and it is located right next door to Fields Land Rover. 5 Stars." - John. L

"I am almost 30 years old and have been seeing chiropractors regularly for my back/neck since I was 10 year old. Over that time I've seen a dozen different chiropractors, and none of them have come close to the results I've gotten from the work done by Dr. Richart. My back/neck/spine alignment had never felt "normal" or "right" until I started seeing Dr. Richart. He even helped my jaw/TMJ issues. His goal is to heal you so that you don't have to come in anymore or as often, rather than wanting you to keep coming in with problems and viewing you as a dollar sign. My quality of life has noticeably improved thanks to Dr. Richart. There is no other chiropractor that I would rather rely on. He is very knowledgeable and capable of discovering the root causes of the issues you are having. If you are having trouble finally finding a solution to your chiropractic problems, I suggest that you reach out for Dr. Richart's help." - Richard. S

"Dr. Richart and his staff are great, and while receiving outstanding care, treatment on a personal level to recoup or maintain your personal freedom. They are a outstanding team and glad they are on my side!" - Dan. F

"I highly recommend Dr. Richart. Its because of him that I am healthy. He takes care of not just my back but also my whole body, from head to toe." - Maria. W

"Dr. Richart is amazing! I was at my wits end with pain when I met with Dr. Richart on 4/11/19, because I could not walk longer than 10 minutes without excruciating sciatic pain in my leg and lower back. Dr. Richart went over my MRI's and explained more to me than the Pain Doc that ordered them did. He was very optimistic that he could help me. Over the past 10 years I have been to Pain Specialists, diagnosed with Stenosis, Osteoarthritis, degenerative disk, and lumbar radiculopathy. I've had 4 spinal injections that did not work, I've seen 6 Physical Therapists and an Acupuncturist. Nothing helped with the pain. Getting treatment from Dr. Richart has been life-changing for me. After 5 weeks of treatment with the ProAdjuster, I am now walking 2.5 miles and I hope to get back to walking like I used to, 4 miles a day - 5 days a week. He says I will do it and I believe him and I will continue to see him because I haven't felt this good in many, many years. Please consider seeing Dr. Richart if you have back and neck pain like I did. You will be welcomed by his friendly staff where you feel like part of his family." - Esther. S

"I've been seeing Dr. Richart for several years now and was new to the Pro Adjuster experience which is a fantastic alternative to the older methods. When I first started going I had frequent low back pain and now am completely pain free. Regular check-ups keep everything in tune. I've also needed treatment for random "weekend warrior" sports related injuries to knees and feet and he's helped with an effective treatment plan every time. Highly recommend Dr. Richart and can't leave out his wonderful and caring staff." - Brian. M