Richart Chiropractic and Functional Medicine


From Chiropractic Patients

"Dr. Richart and his staff are great,and while receiving outstanding care, treatment on a personal level to recoup or matain your personal freedom.Thay are a outstanding team and glad they are on my side!" - Dan. F

"I highly recommend Dr. Richart. Its because of him that I am healthy. He takes care of not just my back but also my whole body, from head to toe." - Maria. W

"Dr. Richart is amazing! I was at my wits end with pain when I met with Dr. Richart on 4/11/19, because I could not walk longer than 10 minutes without excruciating sciatic pain in my leg and lower back. Dr. Richart went over my MRI's and explained more to me than the Pain Doc that ordered them did. He was very optimistic that he could help me. Over the past 10 years I have been to Pain Specialists, diagnosed with Stenosis, Osteoarthritis, degenerative disk, and lumbar radiculopathy. I've had 4 spinal injections that did not work, I've seen 6 Physical Therapists and an Acupuncturist. Nothing helped with the pain. Getting treatment from Dr. Richart has been life-changing for me. After 5 weeks of treatment with the ProAdjuster, I am now walking 2.5 miles and I hope to get back to walking like I used to, 4 miles a day - 5 days a week. He says I will do it and I believe him and I will continue to see him because I haven't felt this good in many, many years. Please consider seeing Dr. Richart if you have back and neck pain like I did. You will be welcomed by his friendly staff where you feel like part of his family." - Esther. S 

"I've been seeing Dr. Richart for several years now and was new to the Pro Adjuster experience which is a fantastic alternative to the older methods. When I first started going I had frequent low back pain and now am completely pain free. Regular check-ups keep everything in tune. I've also needed treatment for random "weekend warrior" sports related injuries to knees and feet and he's helped with an effective treatment plan every time. Highly recommend Dr. Richart and can't leave out his wonderful and caring staff." - Brian. M

"Dr. Richart and his staff are amazing! They are friendly, supportive, accommodating, and have great sense of humors. Dr. Richart is professional, informative, and fun-loving. He did wonders for my back after having 2 children! I'd highly recommend them!!" - Joy. P

From Functional Medicine Patients

"I have been a patient for 11 years. Dr Richart has made my life worth living. My overall experience has been great. He has helped me in every way spirit, soul and body not only me but my family also. Last year I had complications from adrenaline administered during skin cancer surgery. Today I am healthy because he treated me properly. Also from the surgery my neck was misaligned and I needed it corrected. I was so bad it was necessary for him to see me as an emergency patient outside of his usual office hours. I am eternally grateful for his kindness and generosity." - Roberta. K