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Pro-Adjuster - computer aided spinal manipulation

If I would have told you twenty five years ago that we would be driving electric cars and people would be ordering groceries through their computers or that doctors would perform surgery using robots through tiny incisions and that chiropractors would use technology developed by NASA in the treatment of back pain you would have looked at me in disbelief. But it's all true. Developed by Sigma Instruments and called the Pro Adjuster, Dr. Richart uses this computerized technology in treating his patients.

The most common reason people don't see chiropractors is that they are scared. Many people don't like the sound or feeling of a manual adjustment. They don't want to get "cracked".

For these patients Dr. Richart uses the Pro Adjuster. Developed by Sigma Instruments and called the Pro Adjuster the computer assists the doctor in detecting which vertebra are stuck or fixated. Using piezoelectric sensor technology the instrument gently taps the vertebra and analyzes its vibration. The findings are displayed on a computer screen and Dr. Richart then uses this information along with other objective and subjective findings to determine which vertebra to treat.

The Pro Adjuster is used in treatment as well. Once activated the Pro Adjuster gently taps the vertebra to reduce the fixation or in simple terms frees up the stuck vertebra. After treatment Dr. Richart uses the Pro Adjuster to assist him in determining treatment effectiveness. An early adopter of this technology, Dr. Richart has been using the Pro Adjuster since 2005 and has performed thousands of spinal and extremity adjustments using this technology.

Most patients describe the treatment as painless or near painless. This gentle treatment appeals to senior citizens, children and everyone in between that prefers a chiropractic adjustment without "cracking".

Click here to be directed to a video of Dr. Richart adjusting a patient using this technology.

Graston Technique - effective soft tissue repair

Dr. Richart has been a certified Graston Technique provider since 2004.

The Graston Technique is an effective method to treat the damaging effects of acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. Developed after a water skier injured his knee and became frustrated after rehabilitation and conventional therapy was not helping, the Graston Technique was developed with the assistance of medical and research personnel at Ball State University and Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana.

Scar tissue accumulates after an injury in an effort by the body to make the tissue stronger. Think of it as nature's stitches. You've experienced scar tissue if you've ever eaten a steak with gristle in it. The gristle is the scar tissue. It's strong, but not flexible. In humans, scar tissue results in a repair  that leads to tight muscles and reduced joint mobility that can cause pain and dysfunction. If you've ever been in a car accident, felt fine afterwards but then developed stiffness six months later it could be scar tissue that is making you stiff.

Using stainless steel instruments to detect and treat the scar tissue the technique is based on british orthopedic surgeon James Cyriax's work on cross friction massage. Dr. Richart uses the stainless steel instruments to detect and break up fibrotic tissue. This results in an increase in blood flow to the treated area as well as an increase in soft tissue mobility and pain relief.

Two out of three NFL, NBA and MLB use Graston Technique in the treatment of their athletes. Please contact our office or visit for more information about how Graston Technique could benefit you.

Manual Adjusting Techniques - the Palmer Package

For some patients there is nothing quite like the feel and experience of a manual adjustment. They enjoy getting their "back cracked".

Dr. Richart is a graduate of the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Palmer College is the oldest chiropractic college and is recognized for it's training of chiropractic doctors in the science, art and philosophy of spinal manipulation.

Many patients will seek out Palmer trained chiropractors because of the variety of manual techniques taught as part of the "Palmer Package". Dr. Richart is trained in the Palmer Package and uses these techniques in the manual treatment of his patients. This includes Toggle Recoil, Diversified, Gonstead and Thompson techniques for the spine as well as other techniques for the extremities.

Since graduation Dr. Richart has continued to attend various continuing education programs on chiropractic technique and stays current on the advances made in spinal and extremity manipulation.

The type of technique used by Dr. Richart on a patient's case will be based on the patient's preference, diagnosis, history and examination findings.

If you've seen a chiropractor in the past with a technique that you liked but because of relocation, retirement or another reason no longer see him or her please contact us. Dr. Richart is skilled in many techniques and if he doesn't use the technique you are seeking can probably help you find someone who does.

Kalish Method and Functional Medicine - tested by the Mayo Clinic

Functional Medicine is a systems approach to chronic illness. Focusing on restoring optimal function to these different body systems results in positive effects on our health. Functional medicine practitioners address the whole person rather than just his or her symptoms. Functional medicine practitioners include chiropractors, osteopaths, doctors of oriental medicine, medical doctors, dentists and podiatrists as well as nurse practitioners, physical therapists, physician assistants and mental health professionals. Dr. Robert Richart is a chiropractic physician and does not provide medical services. He is not a medical doctor.

Chiropractic physician Daniel Kalish is a pioneer in the development of functional medicine. A noted author and educator he has developed his own model of functional medicine called the Kalish Method. It emphasizes modern scientific lab testing with natural medicine. Combining individualized lab based supplement programs with diet and simple lifestyle changes, thousands of patients have reclaimed their health. By restoring optimal function to the hormonal, digestive and detoxification systems of the body positive effects occur in the areas of stress, fatigue, energy, digestive issues and quality of life.

Physicians who have been trained by Dr. Kalish include Dr. Joe Mercola and doctors from the prestigious Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Kalish's method focuses on what he calls the big five disorders; fatigue, depression, digestive problems, weight gain and hormone imbalances. Functional medicine uses lab-based natural health programs and lifestyle changes to reverse all of the big five disorders.

Functional lab tests are different than conventional lab testing. Conventional lab tests confirm disease after it already has happened. Functional lab testing is designed to find health problems in the earliest stages so that they can be reversed without drugs or surgery using natural therapies instead.

We are our own worst enemy. The Standard American Diet, also known as the SAD diet is deficient in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Our water contains numerous pathogens and the air that we breathe is polluted by more chemicals every year. We don't find time to exercise or support our spiritual health. Technology has made it so that we are continuously connected to our jobs. Long term stress and the effects of it eventually lead us to poor health.

Our current healthcare system does not allow the physician the time to adequately treat the patient. Many physicians only have time to explore the symptoms that a patient presents with but not the underlying cause. Most healthcare is symptom driven. While the symptom may be masked the root problem remains and the body continues to breakdown eventually leading to disease.

Using the Kalish Method Dr. Richart will assist you in regaining your health. While every person is unique the breakdown of our health is more predictable. While there are variations from patient to patient  in terms of symptomotology the underlying problems within the body systems are similar. And they all ususally start with one common trigger.

That trigger is stress. Within one year of being under intense emotional stress the body responds to that stress by increasing cortisol. Cortisol is produced by your adrenal glands which are located just above your kidneys. When stress increases and cortisol initially goes up the digestive sysytem can be adversely affected.

The digestive system may become overburdened. Higher levels of toxins and allergens are absorbed throough the gastric mucosa. Poor absorption of nutrients leads to food allergies and malabsorption. The balance of beneficial and non beneficial bacteria in the gut may affected and a condition called dysbiosis occurs. Eventually these toxins end up in the liver and it becomes overburdened, unable to remove the accumulation of toxins and the system breaks down and you feel lousy. We become fat, fatigued, depressed and exhausted with hormone issues.

Using lab tests Dr. Richart identifies the damage caused by unrelenting stress in our lives and designs a program to aid in restoring  his patients health.

In 2016, in the journal ComplimentaryTherapies in Clinical Practice, the results of a study performed by the Mayo Clinic with Dr. Daniel Kalish using the Kalish Method on a group of women suffering from fatigue, stress and digestive issues were published. Dr. Richart follows the same and similar protocols used in the study in his treatment of patients. To receive a copy of the study please contact Dr. Richart's office.

In 2017 Dr. Richart found himself suffering the effects of chronic stress in his own life. Suffering from fatigue, weight gain, exhaustion and digestive symptoms including heartburn he found that the solutions offered by conventional medicine involved medications that would only treat his symptoms. He has personally experienced the positive effects of functional medicine and the Kalish Method. It is this experience that fuels his passion for helping people regain their health through functional medicine.