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Effects of Stress

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Ah stress! It is the effects of stress that wreak havoc on our body the most. What's interesting about stress is that it is all in the perception of the event. Some people find flying stressful, some don't. Some people get stressed out by roller coasters while others don't. Same event. Different response.

Those events have a typical stress response. Short duration. Cortisol goes up, the stress is over and then cortisol drops to normal. It's how the stress response was designed to function. What I am referring to is long term continuous stress such as work, relationships and finances. What happens in these types of situations is that the demand for cortisol goes up but doesn't drop. Your body continues to produce cortisol until it cannot. Once the precursors for making cortisol are depleted then cortisol drops to a low level. This is called a negative feedback loop. With cortisol now low havoc ensues.

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