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New Patients

New patients are welcome at Richart Chiropractic and Functional Medicine. We love helping patients improve and recover their health with chiropractic and functional medicine.

We offer a free 15-minute consultation for prospective chiropractic and functional medicine patients.

We have designated times in our daily schedule reserved for new patients. This means that your time with Dr. Richart will be uninterrupted. Personal health care means that all treatment including your history and exam will be provided by Dr. Richart.

Our office does not accept any of health insurance plans. Dr. Richart accepts assignment on Medicare, however, he does not participate in Medicare Advantage Plans. In our opinion, the allowed amounts and reimbursements from some health care plans make it difficult to spend the time necessary to provide the type of care that we feel is necessary for our patients.

Functional medicine services are covered by most HSA accounts. We do not accept insurance for functional medicine. Most functional medicine tests are considered non covered services by insurance companies.

You can download our new patients forms from here.


New Patient Special Offer

Mention the FREE CONSULTATION when you schedule your new patient appointment to receive a free 15 minute consultation for chiropractic or functional medicine.

Consultations can be by phone or in person. The choice is yours!