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Heartburn and Reflux

The three body system approach to heartburn and gastric reflux


Many people think the answer to heartburn is to reduce stomach acid. Overuse of Proton Pump Inhibitors such as Prilosec, Nexium and Prevacid could possibly increase the risk of certain types of cancer.

For most of us hydrochloric acid in the digestive system decreases as we age. The issue is not too much stomach acid but rather not enough. Taking antacids does little to address the underlying problem. Low stomach acid production leads to improper digestion of protein. The undigested protein breaks down and releases organic acids that makes things worse. Through lab testing Dr. Richart will evaluate how hormone imbalances may contribute to heartburn. He will design a program to aid in restoring normal acid production and relief from heartburn.


Many foods that we eat can have a relaxing effect on the lower esophageal sphincter muscle allowing stomach acid to travel back up the esophagus. A diet high in fats and fried foods as well as caffeine, chocolate and carbonated beverages can wreak havoc on our digestive system. Using the Kalish Method protocols Dr. Richart will recommend GI tests to determine if parasites, bacteria and other "gut bugs" are present that may contribute to reflux and heartburn. 

Our "gut microbiome" is composed of trillions of bacteria of 500 species which help protect us from viruses and bacteria, hunt down and kill food pathogens and help to break down food so that you can use it. Imbalances of the gut microbiome may lead to many types of conditions ranging from bad skin to depression! 


As discussed above, an improperly functioning digestive system causes many different types of toxins to be released. A build up of these toxins can result in weight gain, especially around the midsection and all types of digestive discomfort. A properly designed detoxification program can help return your digestive system to normal.