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Our Story

Our Story

In late 2022, we transitioned our chiropractic practice from the north shore suburbs of Chicago to a trusted colleague and moved to Tucson, AZ to continue our functional medicine practice in an online format. We were already ordering labs for our patients using an online service and our supplement dispensary had been online for years. We were seeing patients remotely for their functional medicine office visits and it was all working very well. We currently see patients who reside in Arizona and Illinois, the states where I hold licensure as a chiropractic physician.

We did this to help create better balance in our life, to allow us the time to exercise more, prepare better food, be more social, and live a better, balanced life. After years of telling my patients these same things as we progressed through their functional medicine programs my wife and I decided to follow our advice and to do the things we needed to do to live a healthier, less stressful, less inflamed life.

We use the same techniques, tests, supplements, and lifestyle advice that we give to our patients for ourselves because of the results we have personally experienced from functional medicine and the results we have seen our patients obtain from functional medicine.

So, our practice is entirely online. Online is more convenient for our patients and allows us to keep our costs of delivering care lower which then lets us spend more time with our patients and we think, provide a better patient experience and outcome!

Our practice is unique in that we don't believe that bigger means better. We think smaller is better, so we don't overbook our schedule. This allows us to serve our patients more efficiently by responding to emails and phone calls quickly. It allows us the time to deliver more of a personal experience for our patients. We believe that non-hurried care is more effective and creates a better doctor-patient relationship with better outcomes.

We have decided to exit all insurance networks. We don't accept any insurance plans for functional medicine. To ensure that we can take the time necessary to provide high-value effective healthcare, we can't participate. Healthcare plans with low reimbursements and complicated requirements drive up our costs, prevent us from spending time with our patients and force us to see more patients than we would like so we left all of the insurance networks.

Functional Medicine services are usually reimbursable through HSA and FSA spending accounts.

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May 16, 2023
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Dr. Richart

Welcome to our website! Dr. Robert Richart, D.C., CFMP is a chiropractic physician whose practice is limited to functional medicine via telehealth. He sees patients from the Chicago area as well as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Catalina Foothills, Oro Valley, Marana and all areas of Illinois and Arizona. He offers a free 15-minute consultation to discuss prospective patient’s health problems to see if functional medicine may help them.