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What in the heck is a Dispensary and why do we have one at Richart Functional Medicine?

First off, you can’t get weed in our dispensary. Up until the legalization of marijuana occurred, I hadn’t heard the term dispensary used very often. Oxford’s Languages defines it as a place where medicines are prepared and provided. So I guess it makes sense that a place that dispenses marijuana would be called a dispensary.

Our dispensary provides nutritional supplements and health products but no cannabis! It’s a violation of federal law for physicians to write recommendations for marijuana or sell it in their offices even if it’s legal in the state they are located.

So then, what can you find in our dispensary?

Quality supplements at some of the best prices!

Why should you buy from us? Our orders are fulfilled through Wellevate, a national distributor of selected quality supplement brands. Their distribution centers operate according to cGMP(certified good manufacturing practices) standards and in compliance with NSF international guidelines. These standards allow Wellevate to be held accountable for consumer safety and for ensuring that its products meet quality standards. They undergo annual audits for cleanliness, sanitation, temperature controls, preventive maintenance, and pest control.

 The supplements must be stored, transported, and delivered in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Fragile products are packed with extra care; heat-sensitive products are shipped in insulated pouches. High packaging standards and rigorous quality controls with regular internal audits take place to monitor storage, security, contamination, stock rotation, temperature, and traceability.

What are fake supplements?

The FDA doesn’t evaluate dietary supplement labels and ingredients before they are sold. This means that what’s on the label may not necessarily be what is in the bottle.

Fake supplements may include harmful ingredients that can make you sick, including impurities and filler ingredients not listed on the label. It might have convincing packaging that looks like a reputable company.

Fake supplements may even be sold at big-box stores and e-commerce sites. Retailers such as this may have poorly defined quality standards for the supplements they sell. A study using immune supplement products purchased from a familiar, large e-commerce company found that many supplements were fake, had inaccuracies on their labels, and made dubious claims not approved by the FDA.

One of the supplement companies that we use is named Orthomolecular Products. With their permission, I used a picture of one of their product labels for this blog post. Orthomolecular products loos for third-party resellers of its products on websites and e-retailers on a full-time basis and uses specially designed product labels to help monitor who or what is selling their products and where they are selling them.

We know that the manufacturer and the source of your supplements matter in terms of how effective and safe the product will be. For this reason, we use Wellevate and prefer to use only the brands that meet their rigorous standards.

And you can benefit as well, whether you are a patient or someone who is reading this blog for your own benefit. Just click here to be redirected to our Wellevate Dispensary.

Our Online Dispensary

May 21, 2023
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Dr. Richart

Welcome to our website! Dr. Robert Richart, D.C., CFMP is a chiropractic physician whose practice is limited to functional medicine via telehealth. He sees patients from the Chicago area as well as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Catalina Foothills, Oro Valley, Marana and all areas of Illinois and Arizona. He offers a free 15-minute consultation to discuss prospective patient’s health problems to see if functional medicine may help them.