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Richart Chiropractic and Functional Medicine

Our practice is unique in that we don't believe that bigger means better. We think that healthcare has become impersonal and we remember when it wasn't that way. After 30 years of maintaining a large practice Dr. Robert Richart, D.C., FIAMA, CFMP decided to restructure his practice and return to a practice style more closely related to when he first started treating patients. He remembered a time when a visit to the doctor's office was more like a visit and less like what it has become today. We believe that non-hurried care is more effective and creates a better doctor-patient relationship.

We take an individualized, personal approach to your health care concerns. Our initial office visit takes place without other patients in the office so that there are no distractions. All treatment is provided by the doctor. Same day appointments are available and patients are typically seen within five minutes of arriving. We have evening and Saturday appointments available for the convenience of our patients.

Although our practice is focused almost exclusively on chiropractic and functional medicine that doesn't mean it isn't capable of providing full service. We believe that the best way to provide a wide range of services is to seek out other excellent providers who share our philosophy. We don't have an in office massage therapist, physical therapist or acupuncturist. But we know some really good ones in our area and so we refer our patients that need those services to them. We use outpatient imaging centers for our imaging studies such as x-ray and MRI where your studies are read and analyzed by board certified medical radiologists. By referring to these other providers it allows us to focus on what we do best.

To ensure that we can take the time necessary to provide the high value effective healthcare we believe in means that we can't participate in all insurance plans. Healthcare plans with low reimbursements and complicated requirements drive up our costs, prevent us from spending time with our patients and force us to see more patients than we would like so we left all of the insurance networks except Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and POS. For our patients that are out of network we can provide them with a superbill so they can seek reimbursement from their carrier directly. To make care more affordable for all of our patients we participate in Chiropractic Health USA, a discount plan for chiropractic services.