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Why Do I Feel Like Crap But My Doctor Says I'm Fine?

Get to the root cause and regain your health. So you've experienced a decline in your health. You are tired, fatigued, and can't keep your eyes open. You've developed heartburn, burping, reflux or wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety. Maybe it's brain fog or body aches. Something isn't right. You know it. But all of the tests are normal. There's nothing wrong. The experts say it might be in your head. But you know it isn't. And the answer is another medication for symptom relief. I understand. I know the frustration. It was a similar experience for myself that led me to functional medicine. There is an answer. There is a reason.

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The Functional Medicine Answer

Get Your Life Back!

Hello, I'm Dr. Robert Richart, D.C., CFMP. I'm a chiropractic physician who lost his health and regained it through functional medicine. I had a busy practice, a busy life, too much stress, and not enough rest. Over time, I developed fatigue, silent reflux, heartburn, and body aches. I was gaining weight and feeling lousier with each day.

I knew something was wrong. But my lab tests all came back normal. My doctor recommended some prescriptions and suggested that I lose some weight. Not the answers that I was looking for.

That's when I decided to explore another path. One that was not based only on the relief of my symptoms.

Seeking to find the reason for my complaints, the root cause, led me to functional medicine.

My lab tests showed that my adrenals were fatiguing, and I had acquired some nasty digestive bugs and my body was accumulating toxins faster than I could get rid of them. My Zonulin was high, an indicator of leaky gut, and I had Candida overgrowth.

Over time, using the same programs and processes that I use with my patients, I started to regain my health, and my energy, started to feel better, and enjoy life again. I got my life back! And now I help others do the same.

What is Functional Medicine?

In functional medicine, we use science-based labs in conjunction with short-term supplement programs and lifestyle changes to improve health. Usually, we work together actively for six months to a year with most patients continuing with periodic health maintenance checks after completing their programs.

The Kalish Method

Dr. Dan Kalish is a chiropractic physician and a pioneer in functional medicine. His one-year mentorship program graduates include physicians from the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. In 2016, Dr Kalish along with two physicians from the Mayo Clinic conducted a study on functional medicine using the Kalish Method. The results were published in the May 2016 Complimentary Therapies in Clinical Practice issue.

What Do We Treat?

We treat the effects of chronic pain and emotional, dietary, and/or inflammatory stress. There is commonly a stressful event that precedes a patient's decline in health. It can be a grief or loss, someone dies, or a divorce. It can be from losing a job or starting a new more stressful one. It can be from working too many hours over weeks and months.

Stress is probably the most common initiator of illness that we see in functional medicine. The second would be dietary: Blood sugar instability, gluten sensitivity, food allergies, skipping meals, and eating too many processed foods.

Commonly, patients present with fatigue, weight gain, digestive problems or anxiety, and depression. They state that they are tired all of the time, don't sleep well, and have heartburn, reflux, bloating, burping, coughing after meals, or stomach pain after eating. They might have constipation or diarrhea issues.

They're wired but tired. They are exhausted but then can't seem to fall asleep or then wake up in the middle of the night. They've gained weight that doesn't seem to come off easily. They've got chronic joint pain that doesn't go away.

Frequently, they state that they know something isn't right, but they can't figure it out. And the tests run by their primary care physician are normal. They are frustrated and concerned.... and they want answers!

How Do We Do It?

We use simple to perform at-home lab testing, and short-term supplement programs combined with lifestyle changes. We discuss and teach effective ways to reduce stress, get better sleep, eat better, and be more active.

Our practice is primarily based on telehealth. We moved to telehealth with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and found that our patients preferred it as it saved them time and was more convenient for their busy lifestyles.

Initial consultations and follow-up visits are done using a HIPAA-compliant video portal. Lab tests are ordered using an online partner that sends the test kits directly to the patient and provides online support. W use an online supplement dispensary to fulfill recommendations.

Our process starts with a complimentary [hone consultation to review the patient's health history to determine if the patient has an issue that may be helped using functional medicine in our practice.

The next step is to schedule a 1-hour consultation at which time we go over in detail the patient's history and recommendations for lab testing, if necessary, are made. Most patients work with us for six to twelve months.

What Does It Cost?

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the patient's case. We offer a free consultation to discuss the patient's case before accepting them for treatment and we discuss costs before proceeding.

Treatment costs include consultation fees, lab costs, and supplement purchases.

We don't participate in any health insurance plan networks. The company that fulfills our lab orders offers 90-day interest-free financing.

Functional Medicine services are usually reimbursable through HSA and FSA spending accounts.

The Next Step Is a Free 15-Minute Consultation

Call our office today at (520) 539-8001 or make an appointment through our website to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your case to determine if you might benefit from functional medicine.

Please spend some time visiting our website to learn more about us and our practice. If you have any questions about our practice or wish to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

We currently see patients who reside in Arizona and Illinois, the states where Dr. Richart holds licensure as a chiropractic physician.

About Us

Dr. Robert Richart D.C., CFMP is a chiropractic physician with over 30 years of experience. He is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. He holds active licenses as a chiropractic physician in Illinois and Arizona. He is not a medical doctor.

He has trained extensively in the Kalish Method. This method is the same one used by the Mayo Clinic in their study on women with complaints of fatigue, digestive problems, anxiety/depression, weight gain, and hormone issues.

Functional medicine can help treat many types of symptoms and conditions. If you're tired of treatment with prescriptions that seem to only mask your symptoms functional medicine may be able to help.

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